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What is a rental agreement?

A rental agreement is a written contract between a property owner (the landlord) and a tenant who rents the property. It outlines the terms and conditions of the rental, including property details (location, type, size), monthly rent, security deposit, property usage (residential or commercial), and the duration of the agreement. Once signed, both the landlord and tenant are bound by these terms.

The lease agreement serves as a crucial legal document that protects the rights of both parties and helps prevent future disputes. It provides security to the landlord’s property and safeguards tenants from unreasonable demands.

Furthermore, the rental agreement grants the tenant ownership of the property for a specific period, offering legal protection and serving as evidence for various purposes.

Rent agreements can be set for any mutually agreed-upon duration and can be renewed as per the agreement’s terms. Typically, the rental agreement is for 11 months to avoid the strict rental rules applicable to leases lasting up to 12 months. However, it’s important to note that any property leased for more than 11 months must be registered as per the Registration Act 1908.

An online rent agreement provides clarity, transparency, and protection against misunderstandings when renting or leasing property. Entering into a formal rental or leasing agreement ensures a peaceful experience. The agreement includes essential elements like property information, rent amount, security deposit, and property-related terms and restrictions.

When signing a rent agreement online, it is crucial to pay attention to various aspects, such as the format, registration process, house rental agreement form, notice period, and other relevant details.

While this type of legal agreement might initially seem complex, the breakdown of the rent and lease agreement form, style, distinctions, and importance can provide better understanding and clarity.”

Why is rent agreement necessary?

A legally binding and registered rental agreement is essential for fostering a harmonious relationship between the parties involved, namely the landlord and the tenant. This agreement serves as a safeguard against fraud, future disputes, doubts, conflicts, and potential legal problems. Opting for a genuine and registered rental or lease agreement form establishes a more serene, transparent, and formal relationship between the property owner and the tenant. The lease agreement form contains crucial information, such as property details, the agreed-upon rent, advance deposit, and any property-related restrictions.

Creating a rent agreement online or a lease agreement ensures that the tenant feels secure living on the property, knowing that all the terms and conditions have been pre-agreed upon, leaving no room for unexpected surprises.

Additionally, the agreement confers certain legal rights to the owner, giving them a degree of control over the property. Registering a rental agreement also bestows a vital advantage: it acts as legal evidence and safeguards the landlord in case of any future legal disputes. Especially when dealing with a significant asset, like a residential property, having a documented agreement becomes crucial in protecting the landlord’s interests should any disagreements or resistance arise from the other party.

Why is it Important to Register a Rent Agreement Online?

Creating a rental agreement is a breeze on Simply provide the necessary information online to obtain a swift and hassle-free rent agreement. Once completed, the digital rental agreement will be sent to both the landlord and the tenant for their signatures.

The online rental agreement process not only offers convenience but also proves to be cost-effective and significant. ensures seamless online rent agreement registrations, enabling both parties to sign the contract digitally. Upon uploading all required documents and completing other formalities, the rental agreement will be generated online. Both parties can digitally sign the agreement or receive a printed copy by mail.

By opting for the online rent agreement process, all concerns about misinformation or false claims are eliminated. Moreover, it saves valuable time that would otherwise be spent on court visits or standing in queues for stamps. With, one can comfortably create a rent agreement from the comfort of their home, leaving the rest to the platform’s efficient services.

Types of Rent Agreements

When a property is rented, whether it’s for commercial or residential purposes, several legal documents, such as a rent agreement, lease agreement form, or licensing agreement, define the relationship between the landlord and the tenant, aiming to prevent unnecessary disputes in the future.

So, what does an agreement mean? A lease agreement form is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of a lease or rental partnership between two parties, namely the property owner and the tenant. As mentioned earlier, there are different agreements for renting or leasing a property. The rental agreement document falls under the Rent Control Act, while the Leave and License agreement comes under the Indian Easement Act.

An agreement typically includes essential property details, information about the landlord and the tenant, the agreement’s duration, and the rent amount to be paid. There are three main types of rental agreements as follows:

Rent Agreement

A rent agreement is a written contract between the property owner, also known as the landlord, and the tenant who wishes to rent the property. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions under which the property is being rented, including important details like its location, type, and size, the monthly rent amount, security deposit, and whether it is meant for residential or commercial use. Additionally, it specifies the duration of the agreement.

The rent agreement can be obtained for a shorter period, typically lasting for 11 months. However, if the duration of the agreement exceeds 11 months, it becomes essential to register the agreement.

Various significant legislations govern the tenancy agreement, such as the Transfer of Property Act, Specific Relief Act, Evidence Act, and Registration Act, among others. Familiarity with these laws is crucial to ensure a secure and legally binding agreement between the landlord and the tenant.

Lease Agreement

A lease agreement typically extends over a longer period compared to a rent agreement. It is a contractual arrangement between the landlord and the tenant, granting the tenant the right to use the property for a specified duration, usually more than 12 months.

This lease agreement binds both the landlord and the tenant for the agreed-upon period, which can vary from 30 to 99 years. Moreover, a lease creates an interest in the transferable property, allowing rights to be inherited by others.

The lease agreement ensures that the lessee (tenant) cannot be evicted from the premises unless explicitly stated in the agreement. In case of any dispute, a legal notice may also be served to the lessee. To be legally valid, a lease deed must be appropriately stamped and registered, especially in situations involving disputes.

According to tenancy laws, the landlord is the person who receives the rent. In case of any dispute, the individual designated to receive the rent has the authority to take all necessary legal actions to enforce the agreement or seek eviction through appropriate legal channels in a court of law.

Frequenty Asked Questions

A digitally signed rental agreement created on stamped paper and signed by both parties holds legal validity and can serve as an acceptable form of address proof

Absolutely not. We are here to manage the entire procedure on your behalf, either through online channels or by visiting your residence. Our goal is to spare you the inconvenience of personally visiting government offices.

In addition to the existing set of clauses within the rental agreement, it is possible to include personalized clauses during the process of creating the rental agreement.

No documentation is required when generating the online rental agreement. However, during the Biometric verification phase, all involved parties (Tenants, Landlords, and Witnesses) are required to possess the following:

  1. Passport-sized photos.
  2. Photocopies of valid identification (such as PAN card, Aadhar card, voter ID, passport, etc.).
  3. Original identification proof for authentication purposes.

The rent agreement will be delivered either through mail or to your register address.

The cost of creating a rent agreement depends on a lot of factors like the duration of the rent agreement, monthly rent, refundable security deposit, etc. You will get to know the exact cost while creating the rent agreement

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